Making the most of narrow spaces in your luxury Prospect apartment

Thinking about purchasing one of our luxurious two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartments at Prospect? We’ve got some tips that will help you transform your whole apartment into functional, stylish spaces.

  1. Home office

With more than 40 per cent of employed people working regularly from home, it’s never been more important to have a well-equipped home office space that can cater to your needs. This includes a study desk, ergonomically friendly chair and storage space for any paperwork or documents you require to do your job effectively from home. However, fitting all of this into your home can sometimes be a difficult task – not to mention that a desk, chair and laptop or computer can look out of place among your usual décor. This is why it’s a great opportunity to utilise a narrow nook of your home for your office space – not only is it out of sight, but there are clever tips and tricks you can implement to ensure your home office isn’t taking over your apartment. For example, purchasing a floating table, ladder desk or pull out desk (pictured below) are a great alternative to big, bulky desks. Once you’re done with the working day, you can put your office chair into a cupboard to make the space look less cluttered.

  1. Vertical storage

While Prospect’s apartments already have ample storage space, creating a vertical storage is perfect for book lovers or those who have ‘clutter’ that’s worth putting on display. That way, you can free up your cupboards, draws and shelves for necessary household items you don’t want the world to see. By choosing a vertical bookshelf or storage solution like the one pictured below, you’re not taking up precious floor space on storage. As an added bonus, vertical storage is as aesthetic as it is functional, so it’s another opportunity for you to get your styling hat on!

  1. Create a curated style space with a vignette

Most people leave a narrow space blank to draw attention away from the area. However, it’s a great chance to get creative and make the area a focal point by creating a curated style statement. This could mean floating shelves with cute décor, crating a frame wall collage or popping a free-standing mirror against the wall to make the space feel bigger. By choosing to create a vignette that’s primarily based on the wall, you’re not taking up floor space – saving you room in other parts of the apartment.

No matter how you choose to utilise the space, one thing is for certain – when you purchase a two-bedroom, two-bathroom at Prospect, you’re getting a luxurious apartment for an affordable price.  Each two-bedroom property at Prospect comes with its very own car parking space, and residents will have access to a full suite of luxury amenities such as a pool, gymnasium, porte cochère and more. To learn more about our remaining apartments for sale and our developer incentives that can help you save some serious cash, make an enquiry with the Prospect Box Hill team today.